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The Young Bucks vs FTR -Justin Zydor

All Elite Wrestling has signed #FTR formerly known as “The Revival” in the WWE.  This tag team brings a completely different element to the fast paced, high flying tag team division.  Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood have been called by many, the second coming of the 80s tag team of Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard.  The AEW tag team division was honestly lacking the “Mechanic” style of wrestling that can send them to the next level.  This acquisition of FTR definitely puts them ahead of the WWE “tag team division”. (Not that there is a competition going on or anything...wink wink)

I would have to say that the most intriguing match in the tag division for fans to see is FTR vs The Young Bucks.  This social media rivalry has been going on for quite some time.  The pundits of wrestling have gone back and forth with who they believe is the premiere tag team in wrestling today.  The Young Bucks have definitely taken all their wrestling influences and created a hybrid match style.  The years on the independent wrestling circuit really gave “The Bucks” that creative freedom.  Some backlash has been expressed by some of the older generations of wrestling personalities.  These personalities say that the art of “selling” is fading away as the repeated punches, “overused high spots”, and the fact that every match has multiple finishers used is supposedly weakening the believability.  My opinion, what the Jackson’s, Tony Khan, and Cody have accomplished, makes these older generations of wrestlers opinions null and void.  The style of wrestling that AEW brings to the table is the new style fans love.  

The tag team of Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, also known as FTR,  haven’t been on the independent circuit in a while.  Prior to their debut in AEW,  Harwood and Wheeler were the established WWE tag team known as “The Revival”.  In my opinion,  “The Revival” and all WWE tag teams are under utilized.  I’m a huge proponent of tag team wrestling.  Something about multiple parts and the speed of the match definitely stands out to me.  When you watch a match involving #FTR,  you will see the old school style being used with a new school twist.  FTR cuts the ring in half with multiple tags and chains of great tag team maneuvers.  This style and their build is where people make the comparisons of Dax and Cash to Arn and Tully.

The clash of styles when this match actually happens will make for a dynamic tag team war.  If I booked this program, I’d definitely have the first match end in a no contest.  A true build up to the brawl,  the same way the companies did it back in the day.  This would make this rivalry stand out.  I’d give each team an additional ally as well.  Build this into a main event,  the way it should be.  

In my opinion bringing in FTR was a game changer for AEW.   The saying for AEW is “an alternative to the WWE”.  Pushing a great tag team rivalry and having them main event would definitely be an alternative.  In the long run I’d either have Arn turn on Cody to manage FTR, or I’d have Shawn Spears and FTR have a stable with Tully Blanchard managing them.  The use of a heel manager gives a tag team like FTR a good rub.  The AEW wrestling style of high flying, risk taking, and no holds barred, can match well with old school style stables and program layouts.  Cody being the son of Dusty and a student of the game I believe will use a lot of the past to evolve the future.  


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